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LokiXReader Soulmate AU Part 4
WARNING: Some of violence and crude language
“Do you love me?”
You froze at the question asked in such a soft, lilting tone. It was a subject the two of you had yet to breach. You knew you cared for Loki, but it had been mere days since you had found one another and realized your connection.
You considered your words carefully before answering him. “I enjoy your company. I admire how clever you are and how you just have to know how every human object works even if that curiosity ended up destroying our refrigerator.”
“I maintain that the mechanical beast attacked me.” Loki said, narrowing his eyes in remembrance of what had been a traumatizing ordeal.
You gave a short bark of laughter. “What did you think was going to happen when you pushed on the ice dispenser?”
Loki huffed and looked down at where you lay across his lap. “Just continue listing my fantastic qualities.” He said haughtily.
“Hmm, as you wish. I like
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This Witch is on Fire by WhisperingWatermelon This Witch is on Fire :iconwhisperingwatermelon:WhisperingWatermelon 9 8
LokiXReader Soulmate AU Part 3
Your assignments at Shield were varied and complex due to your specific skill set and limitations. Despite being part of the Avengers, you still had your duties and individual missions much like Natasha and Clint.
Fury sent a car for you early Saturday morning to brief you on a new operation that required your abilities. It took you to an undisclosed meeting room in a random office building of New York City.
“Agent __(l/n)__, I’d like to introduce you to Agent Hyde.”
You reached out your hand and felt another grasp your own, giving it a firm shake.  The brief contact offered you a glimpse into his psyche. He was intrigued.
“I look forward to working with you. Your skills are fascinating.” He said smoothly.
“Yes, I hope I can be of assistance. Fury mentioned I was a last minute addition to your force.” You said as Fury led you to sit in an office chair.
Hyde smiled a bit sheepishly. “My fault, I’m afraid. I’d heard of your
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LokiXReader Soulmate AU Part 2
Loki held your hands in his own like he was afraid you might disappear. In your presence, he abandoned his pretense of disinterest and detachment, choosing, instead, to try and learn everything he could about you. He ignored the other Avengers and spoke in whispers that promised of a love that would endure for ages to come.
The others were not so taken in.
“He could be faking it.” Steve said, voicing what was on everyone’s minds. Loki was, after all, the God of Mischief. Unfortunately, faking a soulmate connection wasn’t unheard of.
Bruce looked at the two of you a bit uncertainly. “I could run some tests, check their compatibility.”
“He isn’t lying. I can sense his emotions, and he had a typical reaction to someone finding their soulmate. He’s legit.” You pulled your hands free from his so that you could play with his slender fingers and map out the veins on the back of his hand.
A sound you recognized as Tony’s rington
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LokiXReader Soulmate AU
You had been working with the Avengers for three years. Shield found you at a young age and decided to make use of your abilities. You knew that they were using you, same as they used other extraordinary people for their skills and intellect, but you didn’t really mind. After all, what place did a blind psychic have in regular society?
The doctors of Shield called you a biological marvel. You came from a long line of genetic irregularities and were born with mutations of the peripheral and central nervous system. All of this resulted in an ability to influence others on a psychic level.
Of course, your blindness presented an obvious problem. Without your sight, you had no way to know when you’d found your soulmate. It’s not that people’s lives revolved solely on finding their soulmate, but it was incredibly important. Everybody knew that finding the person they were meant to be with would complete them. You’d heard numerous accounts, some from the Avengers
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ChinaXReader Little Thief Part 8
Alaric Bielshmidt was a difficult person to explain. He was a good man. That was for certain. He loved his sons, and he had a kind heart.
However, he still managed to be one of the scariest people you’d ever met.
The man in question was taller than even Ludwig, and he towered over you and the emperor, glaring down at you with his pale eyes.
“Why didn’t you come sooner?” Alaric asked in his low voice, completely ignoring the ruler of China that stood in his foyer. “We thought you were dead.”
You shifted nervously and tried to think of something that would save you.
“W-well, let’s see, umm… You know, it’s a funny story. I was, well… stealing.” You choked off at Alaric’s intense glare. “J-just hear me out, okay? And I got a little, um, caught up. Get it? Caught up? Ehehe… Because I got, you know, caught.”
Alaric looked like he was about to do something drastic, so you tried to dis
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CastielXReader You Owe Me One
WARNING: some crude language
PG 13
In the short time you’d hunted with the Winchesters, they had come to enjoy your presence and see you as a valuable asset to their apocalypse fighting force. However, Castiel didn’t know what to make of you at all.
He would watch you day by day, take note of your mannerisms, and try to determine what exactly it was that made you so. Sometimes he was put off by your presence as it somehow seemed to affect his own mind. When you were happy, he was happy. When you were sad, he was sad. When you laughed, it made him want to try it, and when you cried, he wanted to do everything within his power to make you smile again.
Overall, it was extremely distracting. He wanted to know what this was so that he could make it go away altogether. He didn’t like the constant need to look after you during hunts or to check your whereabouts while you were away. The physical response you elicited from his vessel was… strange. His heart raced and his
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10th!DoctorXReader The Teacher
It was entirely coincidence you even met, which, in itself, is a rather frightening thought.
At least, it was to the doctor.
He thought he was alone. He felt it, that void occupied only by the beating of his own two hearts, that eternal loneliness. He was the last Timelord, traveling through time and space with the last Tardis.
- - - - - - - - -
You were a teacher, this being the very basis of your existence. As a talented astrophysicist, science was your passion, but teaching was your life.
You were a university professor at the age of 27 years old. You lived to share your love for space and mathematics. You lived to watch the same love light up the eyes of others as you explained to them the turning of the planets and the burning of the stars.
Unsurprisingly, you yourself learned quickly. Consumed by the most intense yearning, you often imagined what it would be like to abandon your life and dive into all of the tiny pinpricks of light in the night sky. You didn’t know why you
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ChinaXReader Little Thief Part 7
“I’m a good emperor, right, aru?”
You and Wang Yao trotted through the woods on the back of an imperial steed, fleeing a rebellion. The entire time, Yao hung his head dejectedly and tried to imagine what could have prompted his guards to do such a thing.
“Really, emperor? I can’t deal with this until we get to a place where people don’t want to kill you.”
“Then wouldn’t it be faster to take the main road?”
You gave him a flat look. “Oh, because that wouldn’t draw attention. We’d be either killed or robbed before you could say ‘aru’.”
“I’m just trying to be helpful, little zei.” The emperor said, looking quite miffed. “Where are we going anyway, aru?”
You sighed and pulled the stubborn horse around a fallen tree. “I have a friend nearby who will help us. He’s not too fond of the royal family, though, so let me do the talking. At the very least,
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SupernaturalXReader Loch Neph Monster Part 7
WARNING: general Supernatural spoilers
You disliked Bobby as soon as you met him. He was a bitter, rude, unpleasant old man who thought that you were nothing more than a complex nuisance and that if he ignored you long enough, you just might disappear.
The thought had crossed your mind, but you decided to stick it out for your own sake. He was like a hunter guru for the supernaturally aware community. So even if his first words to you were, “you got a weak handshake”, and even if those words were the nicest he had said to you so far, you would not let this grumpy old man drive you away.
You were going to learn to hunt ghosts and vampires and wendigos if it killed the both of you.
But alas, you ended up performing menial tasks such as supply runs, answering phones, tedious research, and digging. Yes, digging. Bobby had made you dig numerous deep holes along his property, although for what, you still weren’t sure.
But whenever you asked him why you did what you did
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SamXReaderXReader Matters of the Heart Dean Ending
Sam sighed and rubbed a hand down his face. “I give up.” He said.
“What do you mean you give up?” Dean asked in surprise.
“I mean, I have no idea what to do now. I love _____, I really do, but I think this told me that you love her even more. You’ll be good for each other.”
“Sam, you can’t just give up. We’re both in love with her.”
“No, Dean. It would be selfish of me. I saw the way she looked at you when you confessed and your expression when she started crying. You both deserve this.”
Dean looked at Sam in awe and pulled him into a brotherly hug. “Thanks, Sammy.”
Sam rolled his eyes and patted his older brother on the back. “Yeah, whatever. Go get her.”
- - - - - - - - -
You were laying in the back of a broken down convertible in Bobby’s junkyard. You threw an arm over your face to block out the mid-morning sun.
How did you let this happen? In your condition, you knew that con
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SamXReaderXReader Matters of the Heart Sam Ending
Dean sighed and rubbed a hand down his face. “I can’t do this anymore.” He said.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Sam asked distractedly, trying to imagine what could have caused you to react that way.
“I mean, I have no idea what to do now. I care about  _____, I really do, but I think this told me that you love her even more. You’ll be good for each other.”
“Dean, you can’t just give up. We’re both in love with her.”
“No, Sammy. It would be selfish of me. I saw the way she looked at you when you confessed and your expression when she started crying. You both deserve this.”
Sam looked at Dean in awe and pulled him into a brotherly hug. “Thanks, Dean.”
Dean rolled his eyes and patted his younger brother on the back. “Hey, no chick flick moments.”
- - - - - - - - -
You sat in the little attic with nothing but dust bunnies for company. Usually, you came up here to retriev
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SamXReaderXDean Matters of the Heart
You had pretended to be a xenoarcheologist, and that, you supposed, was where the problem began. You were a linguist, a talented linguist.
It was a late Saturday afternoon, and you were observing a crime scene with a journalist’s permit. You told the police you were a writer studying alien cultures and languages. What better way to get the boys in blue to totally ignore your snooping?
The actual case involved several malfunctioning portals to various fairy realms, but that’s a story for another time.
During the event, you met the Winchesters, a couple of men who did what you did. They were hunters, and they asked you to join them at as their official linguist.
It was a chance to work up close and personal with demons, angels, and an entire plethora of creatures you had never had the pleasure to observe. How could you refuse?
The boys were in desperate need of somebody to translate ancient manuscripts on demand. Sam was proficient in Spanish and Latin, as well as conversatio
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CrowleyXReader Angels and Demons
WARNING: general Supernatural spoilers
Crowley sat just outside the massive steel gates, hiding in the shadow of an overhanging gargoyle, its sneering face just barely managing to conceal his position.
Those fanatical nut jobs had completely destroyed his mansion in the name of their appointed god, Lucifer. This apocalypse was turning out to be an even nastier affair than he thought it would. He could only hope that Dean and his bumbling giant of a brother could find a way to destroy Lucifer. That colt had better do some real good.
He took a peek over his shoulder and groaned at the state of his home. Thick smoke coiled up from the remains of the building. All of the smoldering soot and rubble look more like an enormous children’s sandbox than it did a decadent topside getaway for the King of Hell.
Former King of Hell, Crowley corrected himself. There was little hope of retaining his position and title at this point. As far as demons go, these were insane. They’d eaten
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SupernaturalXReader Loch Neph Monster Part 6
WARNING: general Supernatural spoilers
PG 13
“I’ve been thinking about what I want to do.”
“Mhm.” Gabriel said, looking at you from the corner of his eye.
You and the archangel lived in a little cottage he’d created for you. The agreement had been that before you go off and live your life, he would get to train you. You said you’d agree, only if you got to live somewhere, in your own words, from a fairy-tale. He didn’t seem to mind.
Just then, you sat back to back, enjoying a wonderful display in the butterfly garden. Species from India, England, and the Western continents swirled in the air, landing delicately on heads of flowers that you were quite sure were from Gabriel’s own imagination. Their wings cast faint stained glass patterns on your faces, thrown by the sun through the delicate membranes.
You grinned at Gabriel. His face held a drowsy, dream-like quality as his eyes followed the swirling creatures. If you hadn’t kn
:iconwhisperingwatermelon:WhisperingWatermelon 16 11
SupernaturalXReader Loch Neph Monster Part 5
WARNING: general Supernatural spoilers
Dean knocked on the door to apartment 1B.
“Wow, this place is a dump, he muttered to Sam. “Anybody home?” He shouted, knocking a few more times.
Dean glanced around and pulled out a couple of paperclips and set to work picking the lock.
“Make sure nobody walks by.” He said, nodding to Sam.
He slid the pick into the keyhole and jimmied it until he heard the satisfying click. Dean pushed the door open, and he and Sam cautiously crept into the apartment.
They moved silently from room to room, looking for any sign of Patricia Rubens.
Sam walked out of the bedroom. “Looks like we just missed her.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Well, her closet is completely empty, and there aren’t any personal items anywhere.”
Dean spotted a small trashcan in the corner of the kitchen and began to dig through its contents.
“Um… Dean?”
“What are you doi
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Another Dog by NessaSan Another Dog :iconnessasan:NessaSan 9 2 Classic Girl by chaosringen Classic Girl :iconchaosringen:chaosringen 681 10 Whale dreams by AlviaAlcedo Whale dreams :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 2,324 70 Raindrops 07 - Page 33 by YoukaiYume Raindrops 07 - Page 33 :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 3,225 2,041
Hope (Bucky x Reader) One shot
Bucharest, 2016 – Several months before the events of Civil War
The streets of Bucharest were always busy this time of day. The screams of people on the market yelling their cheap prices to anyone that wanted to hear it, echoed in Bucky’s ears. He had his hands tucked into his pockets as he walked past the stalls filled with delicious foods and spices, trying to blend in with the crowd.
    The baseball cap he had worn ever since he had escaped Hydra was pulled carefully over his forehead, shielding his face from unwanted eyes. He had managed to remain hidden for the past two years, but he was still cautious around people, afraid that – even though no one had until now – someone would recognize him as the Winter Soldier and disturb the peace he’d had.
    He stopped at one of the stalls selling plumps, nodding at the man behind it and wishing him a good day, like he’d done every week for the past several
:iconsavrom:savrom 169 67
Zootopia - Judy and Nick by MilliganVick Zootopia - Judy and Nick :iconmilliganvick:MilliganVick 2,255 78
Dead and Buried | AoT | Erwin x Reader
Tidy fingers eased over the buckles, pulling the straps neatly over the shirt a step was taken back to admire the neatly dressed mannequin. The wings emblazoned on the breast stuck out prominently on the tan jacket, the accompanying mannequins dressed with the roses and the unicorn overshadowed by the symbol that stood for freedom.
Tapping a finger to pouted lips, (y/n) hummed thoughtfully. The museum was loud and buzzing with activity due to the newly opened exhibit, a model town built to be a replica of the district Zhiganshina of wall Maria attracted attention worldwide. Unfortunately, it brought coach loads of school children who would no doubt be full of stupid questions about the time of the Titans.
The most favoured questions that sprung out regardless of what school the students came from was ‘Why did Titan’s not poop?’ or the one that battled for the top spot ‘Why were they always naked?’
Each time these questions rose up (y/n) woul
:iconpennythoughts:PennyThoughts 53 13
Living room and kitchen by arsenixc Living room and kitchen :iconarsenixc:arsenixc 5,577 117 AT with BearlyFeline by LiLaiRa AT with BearlyFeline :iconlilaira:LiLaiRa 3,374 46 Village by wlop Village :iconwlop:wlop 5,076 70 In the Gardens + Process Video by TamberElla In the Gardens + Process Video :icontamberella:TamberElla 2,330 42 Controlled Burn -Take 2- by TamberElla Controlled Burn -Take 2- :icontamberella:TamberElla 4,677 103 Color Practice 2 by TamberElla Color Practice 2 :icontamberella:TamberElla 2,540 68 Color Practice by TamberElla Color Practice :icontamberella:TamberElla 4,784 134 Sandslash Mirrored by TamberElla Sandslash Mirrored :icontamberella:TamberElla 4,001 55 Vulpix Mirrored by TamberElla Vulpix Mirrored :icontamberella:TamberElla 10,166 299




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I come from a long, prestigious line of watermelons.


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