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December 5, 2012
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"Oui, mademoiselle, I am ________'s cousin. I have somezing zat needs to get to her right away! It is her protein mixture."

You boyfriend, Francis Bonnefois, was trying to convince the office lady at your school to give you a thermos. And you weren't really his cousin; he just needed to seem like family because your school was a bit stingy towards who they trusted.  However, she wasn't budging. He had tried flattery, puppy dog eyes, and teary eyes.

Zis woman is made of stone!

"Honey," She turned to him with a frown, "I can't get that to her because it's in a bottle other than a water bottle." She waved one manicured hand, shooing him.

Francis snorted, and she glared out from her heavy makeup.

He looked at her. "I am sorry, I don't mean to laugh. It's just zat ze last time she forgot to take her protein, she went into alaphylactic shock and said some pretty funny things."

He almost hit himself in the face for that. You don't go into anaphylactic shock because of protein deficiency! Wasn't that, like, bee stings or something? Apparently the office lady didn't know that because she turned a shade paler and picked up the phone.

"Just wait a minute, sir."

He was really only a couple years older than you. You were in you senior year after all. He had heard from your mom that you were having a hard time in a couple of your classes and that you were really down, but you happened to be a bit proud also and wouldn't tell him something like that. So he decided to bring you a surprise!

"I've called her down. You're lucky; she's at lunch. She's coming to get it. You're name, sir?"

"Just tell her Francis brought it." He smiled, tipped his head, and headed out.


You were called down to the office halfway through lunch.

This had better be good, you thought to yourself.

When you made it in, the office lady rushed up to you with a tall, closed thermos. She pushed it into your arms.

"This is your protein, your cousin said that you needed it!"

Cousin? Protein? What?!

"Wha- I mean, who-"

"You're cousin, Francis."

You blanked for a second.

"O-Ooooh! Oh, yes, protein, cousin, of course!" You walked out, thanking her.

Francis, what the crap? You shook your head to yourself.

When you were away from the office, you sat down on a bench in the courtyard. You unscrewed the cap, and lo and behold, there was the head of a dark red rose crowding the entrance to the thermos. You removed it and it's long stem that it had supporting it from the bottle. You smelled it taking in it's fragrance. It smelled like Francis. Or did Francis just smell like roses?

You reached in again and pulled out a letter. Lastly, you removed a chocolate kiss. You read his letter as you munched on the chocolate.

To mon amour, my love, _______,
I spoke with your parents and it sounded like you could use something to cheer you up. I love you very much, dear, and I wish that you would tell me when you are struggling. I know that I am not especially smart or strong, but I am so happy that you love me all the same. I hope this brightens your day. If it is just the tiniest bit, then it is worth it, cherie.

Your love, Francis.

PS, you look really sexy in that school uniform.

"Oh Francis..." You sighed and twirled the rose in your fingers. You felt a smile start to tug at your lips. The entire day you couldn't stop smiling.  

You would definitely have to find someway to return his sweet gesture.
This is actually based off of a true story of what my brother did for his girlfriend. Minus the letter and chocolate.

Enjoy you lovely people, you!
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Aww! It's cute and that P.s. comment. Lol xD :3
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"PS, you look really sexy in that school uniform."

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