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November 24, 2012
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"Dude, salami, chicken, and what is thi- French cheeses?!"

You grumbled as you shifted through all the foods in the trio's big fridge. "Stingy Spaniard didn't give me any of this."

You were inside the house alone for the first time and were exploring the place from top to bottom. Sitting on top of the counter, you munched a couple of churros and flipped through Gilbert's ipod playlist.

You'd also 'borrowed' a T-shirt which said something in German then the word 'AWESOME' and some more German, and stolen some clean boxer shorts out of the dryer for comforts sake. They had little Eiffel towers on them. 'Weird' you thought.

As you flipped open Antonio's laptop and began to browse, you heard two knocks on the door. You shrugged, figuring it was just a solicitor or package delivery, and turned the music up louder.

Someone tapped your shoulder.

"AAUUUUGHHHH, HOLY-" You fell of the counter and threw a spoon in the invaders general direction.

"Whoah, frau! Calm down!" he yelled.

You looked up to see a tall man looking down at you. He had slicked back hair and ice blue eyes.  

"Who are you and what are you doing here!"

He looked at you oddly, picked up the spoon, and set it on the counter. "I'm Ludvig, Gilbert's younger brother.

"Oh, well, then, I'm ______!" You reached out and shook his hand.

He smiled barely. "Nice to meet you. I'm just dropping off some zings Gil left at my place."

You nodded and set to calming down the fur on your tail which fluffed up considerably whenever you felt threatened. That was when he noticed.

"Um, if you don't mind my asking..." he gestured to your ears and tail a little awkwardly.

"Oh, this? Well, I'm kind of a neko." you admitted shyly. You felt that if he was as nice as he acted and Gilbert's older brother, then you could trust him.


"Oh, well I guess to you it would be a chatz. More specifically a kind of shapeshifter."

"Zat's very interesting. However, it seems zat Gilbert vould have said something."

You waved your hands in front of you in a panicked gesture.

"No, no! Gil doesn't know and neither do the other two. Please don't tell them. They think I'm just a cat, and I don't have any other home if they found out and chased me away."

You felt tears start to well up. This was rather uncharacteristic of you, but whenever you thought about how cruel people could be to you, it made you feel scared.

"Hey, don't worry, I won't say anything."


"But to be honest, I don't think zey vould mind."

You toyed with your tail nervously. "I don't know. I like them and I like living here. I wouldn't want to be run out again."

He nodded and gathered his things to go. "I see vhat you mean, but if you really like them, then you shouldn't keep a secret like zis from them. Ja?"

"Yeah, I get it."

"Gut. Goodbye, katz. Nice meeting you." He waved as he went.

"Yeah, see you!"

You sat and wondered at your odd conversation. Did he say that he was Gil's YOUNGER brother? Weird.

You tried to go on with your day as normal. Was it really wrong of you not to tell them? Maybe they were better off not knowing. After all, they had told you some pretty heavy stuff when they needed somebody to confide in, but didn't have anyone they could vent to.
Maybe next week, you would tell them. Or next month. Next year would suffice, too. Little did you know how soon it would really be.


It was a few days after you had met Gilbert's younger brother, and you were getting along just fine with the odd family. You sometimes did laundry or vacuumed or cleaned up the kitchens as payback for letting you stay. You started to feel more and more guilty about not telling the guys who you really were.

In light of your bad mood, you decided to put in your favorite movie of all time: Cat's, the musical. It was a recorded version of the play. It would be a perfect time since you were hours away from any of your housemates returns.

You settled down and hummed along with some of the songs, but when you got the the song 'Macavity', dude, you were READY. This crap was your jam! You could listen to this song all day.

As the chorus came up, you knew, you were going to own this. You stood on the back of the couch, raised the remote control to your lips like a mic, and filled up your lungs with air before belting out,


You cut off mid sentence and stared at the person standing behind you with his jaw dropped. He stared back.


You panicked and bolted for the other side of the house with the Prussian in pursuit. All the while 'Macavity' was playing as background music to the epic chase. You didn't want to transform into a cat because he would know who you were. You both knocked over chairs and chased each other around tables, and you were never alone enough that you could transform without him seeing you.

Finally, after much scrambling and screeching, he managed to tie you up with the wires from the video game controllers.

"Who are you and vhy are you here?!"

You squirmed in the wires.

He flipped out his cell phone and called up Francis and Toni who were presumably together.

"So check it out! Ze awesome me caught zis hot katz girl in our house..."

Oh fantastic. Please, Gil, bring the whole gang over to witness your humiliation.

"No, I don't know how she got in... Ja, I locked all the doors... Oh, and I saw her first so I get first dibs, bye!" He snapped the phone shut and stared you down with a triumphant expression.

This was SO not good.
Ahaha, you silly cat person, you. :iconyesyouplz:

:iconnekogermanyplz: rawr...


And so, my lovelies, enjoy!
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I'm random like that. No worries.
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