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Alaric Bielshmidt was a difficult person to explain. He was a good man. That was for certain. He loved his sons, and he had a kind heart.

However, he still managed to be one of the scariest people you’d ever met.

The man in question was taller than even Ludwig, and he towered over you and the emperor, glaring down at you with his pale eyes.

“Why didn’t you come sooner?” Alaric asked in his low voice, completely ignoring the ruler of China that stood in his foyer. “We thought you were dead.”

You shifted nervously and tried to think of something that would save you.

“W-well, let’s see, umm… You know, it’s a funny story. I was, well… stealing.” You choked off at Alaric’s intense glare. “J-just hear me out, okay? And I got a little, um, caught up. Get it? Caught up? Ehehe… Because I got, you know, caught.”

Alaric looked like he was about to do something drastic, so you tried to distract him and save yourself.

“Alaric, this is the emperor of China, Wang Yao!” You spat out as fast as possible.

Alaric opened his mouth then shut it again. He looked between the two of you, and his lips twisted in a funny way, almost like he was trying not to-

The Germanic man started laughing. He bent over and placed his hands on his knees and laughed until he was gasping for breath.

“What… no. Stop it.” You said dejectedly. “It’s not funny.”

Yao looked between you and Alaric curiously. “Um, is this normal, aru?”

“No, emperor, it’s not. These are horribly abnormal people.” You said, glaring at the three men.

Alaric reached out and patted your head while you frowned all the while. “So, you tried to steal from the emperor of China, got caught, and now you’re at my house, for some reason with the emperor. That’s a story I’d like to hear.”
He turned to Yao and smiled, giving a small, respectful bow. “You are very welcome in my home, emperor Wang. And I hope this one hasn’t been too much trouble.” He said, giving you a knowing look.

Yao smiled. “Thank you. You’re hospitality is much appreciated. I believe we have much to discuss.”

Alaric nodded, looking over the emperor’s dirty, torn clothing. “Yes, it seems we do.” He looked to his sons expectantly. When they did nothing, he grabbed them by their hair and jerked their heads downwards in unceremonious bows.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -  

You were all seated at the table, a long, polished piece of oak with ornate designs carved into the sides and legs.

Alaric was wealthy, not royalty wealthy or off-with-his-head wealthy, but he had servants, titles, and land. That meant a full course meal for you and your companion.

Yao had explained the rebellion to the extent of his own knowledge. Alaric crossed his arms and contemplated what could be done.

“It’s unlikely that the guardsmen have very much support.” Gilbert said.

Ludwig nodded. “It sounds like their plan hinged on your assassination.” He said, looking at Yao.

Alaric stayed silent and considered the information. “This is very serious. I hold influence over the outer provinces. If you need men, we can get them. Nobody would deny that this treason of the highest degree, so your claim to throne still stands, of course.”

You, meanwhile, were stuffing your face with bread and venison. This was real food, right here. Not the peacock and pastries they served at the kingdom.

Alaric gave you a sideways look, silently asking for your input. You swallowed hard and thought about what might be helpful.

“There is one thing we should keep in mind.” You started, and the four men turned to you. “The war with the North.”

Alaric’s eyes widened. “Ivan is marching south.” He whispered in realization.

You shook your head and gave a biter laugh. “He always said he would, and we know better than to doubt what he’s capable of.”

Ludwig gave you a sympathetic look and grasped your hand under the table.

Gilbert groaned at your bad luck. “Well, ze guardsmen really couldn’t have picked a worse time to rebel. A war from within the Kingdom and without? Zat’s going to be hard to manage.”

Alaric frowned, struck by a sudden thought. “What if the guardsmen plan on striking a deal with him?”

You groaned and placed your head in your hands. “That would explain it. The guardsmen get an easy way to claim the Kingdom, and Ivan, more than likely, will get a piece of the south.” You sighed. “Once he finds out I’m alive, he’ll kill me.”

You felt Ludwig’s grip tighten on your hand under the table. “We won’t let zat happen.”

“Wait, aru.” Yao said in surprise. “You know Ivan the Cruel, the King of the North? The same man we are at war with?”

You bit your lip and looked to the emperor. “He’s my brother.”
WARNING: some crude language

PG 13

In the short time you’d hunted with the Winchesters, they had come to enjoy your presence and see you as a valuable asset to their apocalypse fighting force. However, Castiel didn’t know what to make of you at all.

He would watch you day by day, take note of your mannerisms, and try to determine what exactly it was that made you so. Sometimes he was put off by your presence as it somehow seemed to affect his own mind. When you were happy, he was happy. When you were sad, he was sad. When you laughed, it made him want to try it, and when you cried, he wanted to do everything within his power to make you smile again.

Overall, it was extremely distracting. He wanted to know what this was so that he could make it go away altogether. He didn’t like the constant need to look after you during hunts or to check your whereabouts while you were away. The physical response you elicited from his vessel was… strange. His heart raced and his skin heated at your proximity.

He considered voicing his concerns to Dean. Yes, that is what he would do. Dean would know how to fix this.

Castiel appeared in the Winchester’s motel room. Sam was elsewhere, and Dean was in the shower, making a concerning noise which Sam had once informed him was singing. Dean had previously had a talk with Castiel about personal space, and the angel congratulated himself on remembering not to appear within the bathroom itself.

He simply waited right outside the door for Dean to come out.

Dean swung the door inward, dressed only in a towel, and narrowly avoided a heart attack as he came face to face with the expressionless angel.

“Damnit, Cas!”

“I have an important matter to discuss with you.”

Dean looked at Castiel incredulously. “What could be important enough for you to creep on me while I’m in the shower?”


“What about her? Is she alright?” Dean asked, concerned.

“No. She makes my vessel react strangely.” The angel growled, looking almost embarrassed.

“Strange how?”

“I become emotionally imbalanced and have an intense desire to touch her.”

There was a moment of silence as Dean stared at the angel in disbelief before groaning and running a hand down his face. “Are you seriously saying you- just- you know what? I’m gonna need to be fully clothed to have this conversation with you.”

“Clothe yourself. I will wait.” Castiel said and continued to stare at Dean.

“Get the hell out of my motel room, now!”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Well, that was an interesting way to start the morning. It’s not every day an angel asks you for advice on their love life. As far as Dean was concerned, it wasn’t often anyone asked him to play love doctor.

Cas and ________, huh? That’ll be one for the books.

The hunter chuckled to himself and turned his mind back to the hunt at hand.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

“They’re all pretty minor players in this ‘raise Lucifer’ shindig, so as long as we plan accordingly,” Dean said, looking at you specifically, as you had a habit of charging in blind. “then we should all come back in one piece.”

You, the Winchester brothers, and Castiel were taking care of a demon nest in south Wyoming. The whole gang was going in case of any surprises, but it was meant to be a rather ordinary affair. Castiel and the boys would go through the front entrance, and you would sneak in through the back, armed with a megaphone. Your exorcism was going to reach the ears of every black eyed bitch and bastard in that warehouse.

So good plan, right?

You crept along the side of the wall, waiting in the dark passage just outside the main room. As soon as you heard the sounds of fighting, you pushed open the door with a ragged creak and began shouting the exorcism into the megaphone.

A few lines of Latin in, and you realized something was wrong. None of the demons had even flinched. What was going on?  As one of the demons took a swing at Sam, you spotted a symbol branded into its bicep. Oh, great. That could only mean one thing. You dropped your megaphone and ran to join Sam and Dean.

“They’re locked into their vessels! This just went from two-hand-touch to tackle.” You shouted to your companions.

Dean jammed a demon blade into one of the demon’s chests. Yeah, they got the memo.

You were about to join in but stopped when you saw Castiel. He was struggling to stay on his feet and making some wimpy attempts to smite the demons. You ran up to the angel as one of the black eyed monsters took him by the throat. You plunged your own demon-killing knife between the creature’s shoulder blades. The demon crumpled to the floor and would’ve taken Castiel with him had you not been there to hold the angel up.

“C’mon, Cas. Talk to me. What’s going on?” You asked, giving his a once over. The angel was pale and sweating, but you couldn’t figure out where the damage was.

He weakly pointed to some symbols drawn over the dirty warehouse windows. “A-angel sigils…”

He couldn’t say anything else, but he didn’t need to. Smash angel sigils. Got it.

You ran to the windows and flipped your knife around, smashing the hilt into the glass. Sigil and sigil fell to pieces. You didn’t check behind you for the boys and Cas. You just kept busting out windows. Finally, you raised your hand to destroy the last sigil, but before you could bring it down on the grimy glass, a shot rang out. You felt pain rip through your side.

One of those damn demons was packing heat!

Snarling through the pain, you brought down the hilt of your blade one more time, destroying the final sigil. Just as the symbol crashed to pieces, a bright light began to fill the room. You tuned to look at where Castiel stood. He was strong and powerful and… glowing?

“Shield your eyes!” You heard the angel shout hoarsely.

You complied and threw an arm around your face. Even though your eyes were covered, you could still see the white flair of light underneath your eyelids. The room dimmed once more and you opened your eyes. The boys sat on the ground in much the same position as yourself. You looked to find Castiel standing in the center of the warehouse, surrounded by the burned out husks of demons.

“Damn, Cas.” You muttered. “You are one hot firecracker.”

You tried to pull yourself up on your elbows but collapsed back onto the ground when you felt pain roar through your abdomen. Right. Gunshot wound.

You whimpered, and Dean ran to your side, crouching next to you.

“I’ve been hit, sir!”

“Now is not the time.” Dean snapped.

“Don’t worry about it, Deano. We’ve got Cas. Cassy!” You called to the angel.

“I’m here, ________.” The angel replied.

You looked up and grinned through the pain. Everything was getting a little fuzzy. “Heya, Cas- whoah, buy a girl a drink first.”

The angel had pulled up the bottom of your shirt to lay a hand on your wound. He looked up from the hole in your side to glare at you. He didn’t seem the least bit amused and actually looked a bit more grumpy than usual. However, this particular expression seemed grumpy with slightly upturned eyebrows. So… was he worried?

You always found it incredibly difficult to read the angel, and you usually just gave up.

“Hold still.” He grunted and laid his hand on your side. As he concentrated, you felt a comforting warmth spread through your midsection, and the wound stitched itself together in moments.

You took a deep breath, running your fingers over the new skin. “Thanks, angel.”

Castiel gave a tiny smile, barely curving his lips upwards.

“C’mon, damsel-in-distress. We’ve got clean-up to do.” Dean said, pulling you to your feet.


- - - - - - - - - - - -

For some reason unbeknownst to you, Castiel decided to stick around. He kept a close eye on your movements, almost like he was concerned for your wellbeing. You certainly didn’t mind it. You felt the angel’s presence to be welcome and reassuring.

After the bodies were properly disposed of, the Winchesters climbed into their car.

“You coming?” Sam asked as he climbed into the front seat.

“Nah, I got a call for a vamp hunt up north. Cas’ll hook me up.” You grinned at the brothers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sam rolled the window up and turned to his brother to find him looking out the window at you and Cas with a smirk.

“Oh, you can bet he’ll hook her up.” Dean chuckled.

Sam directed his gaze to where Dean was looking. “What, ________ and Cas? Are you serious?”

“Sammy, I’m as serious as I am handsome. Cas practically told me.”

The younger Winchester breathed out in disbelief. “Those two, huh?” He laughed. “That’ll be quite a pair.”

- - - -  - - - - - - - - -

“Mind if I hitch a ride?” You asked Castiel.

He didn’t answer your question but instead, gave you a long stare. “Those demons could have killed me in my weakened state. You saved me.”

“Sure did! You owe me one big time.”

The angel tilted his head and stepped closer to you. “I owe you one?”

“Yeah, you owe me one.”

“One what?” Castiel asked, looking increasingly confused.

“Nothing particular, you just owe me.” You said, smiling in amusement.

“Tell me what I owe you. You risked your life for mine. I will do anything.”

“No, Cas. It’s just an expression. Like, I scratch your back, you scratch mine.”

“Why would you want me to scratch your back? I do not understand.”

“It’s just an expression!” You laughed.

“Please tell me what I owe you.” The angel pleaded. “I must repay you.”

Sighing you looked hopelessly at the angel. “For goodness sake,” you started to protest once more, but then you got an idea. Your lips curled into a mischievous smile, causing Castiel to furrow his brow in apprehension.

“Well, I suppose there is something you could do for me.” You said, looking up at the angel through your lashes.

You stepped close and placed your hands on his shoulders. “Kiss me?”

Castiel’s eyes widened.

You kind of hoped he’d take you seriously, but you backed off at his comically appalled expression. “Don’t worry, Cas. I’m just kiddi-“

Before you could finish, the angel swooped downward and wrapped his arms around you, dipping you like a man dips his lover in an old romance movie.

You looked at his face and squeaked. His eyes were so intense and his expression so passionate that he almost looked pained. He angled his head slightly and brought his face close enough to yours that you could feel his hot breath fan across your mouth.

Hot damn.

He finally crushed his lips to yours, desperately moving his mouth against your own. His lips were warm and rough, and while his movements were powerful and passionate, there was tenderness, like a gentle concern, underlying all of his actions.  

After getting over the initial shock of a heavenly being (both literally and figuratively) kissing you, you pushed back against him, moving your lips against his. The angel pressed one more lingering kiss to your bottom lip and pulled the both of you upright. Sighing, you let your head fall against his chest.

You hummed contentedly. “What was that for?” You murmured.

The angel pulled away slightly so that he could tuck one hand under your chin and raise it to look at his.

He gazed at you with his deep blue eyes. “I was so… worried about you. I don’t like seeing you in pain.”

You breathed out a light laugh. “Trust me, angel. I’ve had a lot worse than that.”

“No, you don’t understand. I need you to be safe. I-I have these feelings for you… I love you.” He admitted, his low voice cracking.

Your eyes widened in surprise. Castiel, angel of the Lord, cared about you?

The angel still held you in his arms, but all at once, he seemed more distant, more unsure. He dropped his eyes downwards and awaited your response.

“Hey, Cas, don’t be like that.” You coaxed. “Look at me?”

The angel raised those stunning blue eyes to meet yours. They were loving and kind, but there was a sort of resignation there. He had opened himself up to you, laid his deepest emotions bare, and now all he could do was hope you felt something for him as well.

You replied simply with a fond smile. Raising one hand, you cupped his rough cheek, causing Castiel to lean into your touch. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply as if the small gesture was so very relieving and comforting.

You stood on your tip toes, grasping the lapels of his jacket to steady yourself, and Castiel let you pull him down slightly, complying with complete trust. You gently pressed your lips to the corner of his mouth. Before continuing, you took a moment to enjoy the relaxed, peaceful expression that took over the angel’s face. Then you brushed your lips against his in a sweet, feather-light kiss.

Castiel let you continue with the teasing touches for a few moments before he deepened the kiss. Everything about it was slow and sweet and loving.

You were the one who pulled away this time. The angel looked at you in admiration.

“What was that for?” He echoed your words teasingly.

You met his gaze and suddenly felt shy. No one had ever looked at you like that, and it made you want to hide your face in his chest.

“I care about your too, Cas. I guess you could say I even… Well… I love you.” You stuttered when you saw the angel staring at you with his intense blue eyes.

“A-and I’m not really sure when it happened. I mean, your sweet and sincere, but, but… I mean, I’m and hunter, which means I’m basically a professional murderer, and you’re a literal angel, but I still… I just…” You trailed off from your rambling and huffed slightly in frustration. You normally weren’t so bashful.

You felt Castiel’s chest shake with silent laughter as he placed a chaste kiss on your forehead.  

“Then would you like it if we… What was the phrase Dean used? Ah, yes. Would you like to date me?” He asked.

That sounded absolutely bizarre coming from Castiel, but it was the gosh-darn cutest thing you’d ever heard in your life.

“I think that would be perfect.”
CastielXReader You Owe Me One
What is this even I don't know

This is for :iconsailorluna101: for being such an adorable wonderful commenter~!
I hope you enjoy it :D I'm glad you asked for a Castiel one because it would probably be a while before I write him lol

Enjoy, lovelies!

Supernatural © Eric Kripke & Warner Brothers
It was entirely coincidence you even met, which, in itself, is a rather frightening thought.

At least, it was to the doctor.

He thought he was alone. He felt it, that void occupied only by the beating of his own two hearts, that eternal loneliness. He was the last Timelord, traveling through time and space with the last Tardis.

- - - - - - - - -

You were a teacher, this being the very basis of your existence. As a talented astrophysicist, science was your passion, but teaching was your life.

You were a university professor at the age of 27 years old. You lived to share your love for space and mathematics. You lived to watch the same love light up the eyes of others as you explained to them the turning of the planets and the burning of the stars.

Unsurprisingly, you yourself learned quickly. Consumed by the most intense yearning, you often imagined what it would be like to abandon your life and dive into all of the tiny pinpricks of light in the night sky. You didn’t know why you held such a strong desire for the stars, twinkling in their lofty spheres*.

It was something deep inside you. So deep, you didn’t think you’d ever understand.

It was 3:00 in the afternoon, and you’d recently finished your last lecture of the day.

Your most recent subject matter contrasted black holes and worm holes. While it was very fascinating, much of the information was conjecture and you wished you had more factual evidence to present to your audience.

The lecture hall was empty save for yourself and one man. He approached your desk where you were collecting your things.

“Dr (l/n). I just wanted to say that I truly enjoyed your lecture on singularities.”

You looked up from your bag to see a tall man with wild hair staring down at you.

“Oh! Um, yes, thank you.” You said. “Please, call me _______, Mr…?

“The Doctor.” He finished for you. He removed one of his hands from his long coat and extended it towards you.

You shook the proffered hand. “Doctor who?”

Try as he might, the man couldn’t conceal the boyish grin that pulled at the corners of his mouth. “Oh, just the Doctor.”

“Alright then, Doctor.” You smiled. “Was there something about my lecture you wished to discuss?”

“Later, definitely. But right now, I need you to do something very important.”

You raised your eyebrows in slight surprise. “And what might that be?”

“I need you to help me save the planet.”


*Tardis spins away through space*

Directed by Whispering Watermelon

“You know, I shouldn’t believe you.” You said as you ran with the Doctor.

He looked back at you with a wide smile. “Wait until you see the Tardis. It’s brilliant!”

The two of you approached something rather interesting. “A police box? But these haven’t been used since-“

“The 1960s, I know.” He snapped his fingers and you heard a click. “Open the door, and see for yourself.”

You reached out and wrapped your fingers around the cold metal handle and hesitated. The entire blue box seemed alive as it hummed with some sort of power.

“Go on!” The doctor urged excitedly.

You pulled open the door and found yourself unable to take another step. The inside of the box was an entire room, much larger than you ever would have assumed. There was what looked like a circular control panel and many other doors leading into different areas.

He smirked at your expression. “I know, it’s bigger on the-“

“How did you manage to harness the kind of power and technology it would take to manually generate an alternate dimension?”

The Doctor’s jaw went slack. He collected himself and scratched the back of his head. “I suppose I should have expected that.” He chuckled.

He led you inside, chattering excitedly about the core processor and multi-dimensional levels. “And it really is quite the honor to have you here!” He finished.

“Me? You own a time machine. I’m honored just to be here.”

“No, really! Your work on theoretical physics and singularities is inspired. In the future, you’re known as a great teacher. You’re in the standard galactic secondary textbook and a celebrity among the theoretical physicists of Diadem. They used your notes to make worm holes into an art form. A bit pricey, but I think they’re in the black by now.” He said with a goofy grin.

The way he looked at you, fascinated and exuberant, made you believe every word he said, yet it all felt too fantastic.

“But I’m just a teacher.” You protested.

“Just a teacher?” He asked, looking absolutely astonished. “Well, that’s one of the best things you can be. Not to mention you’re the best kind of teacher. The kind who listens.”

“How do you mean?”

“The universe has so much to say, and you’re one of the few people who’ve picked up on that. Then you run off and tell everyone as quick as you can instead of keeping it to yourself.”

You leaned against the railing of the main console.  “I don’t know, sometimes the stars just… open up, I guess. I want everyone to know just how beautiful it is. I want to share it with all of them.”

The Doctor gave a sigh and looked at you wistfully. “You’re wonderful.”

Then he whipped out what looked like a metal stick with a blue light on the end and started sticking it in your face.

You batted it away. “Doctor, what-“

He took it away and looked at its side. “And surprisingly not alien. I’m not surprised very often. This is kind of a new thing for me.”

“Was there a question if I was alien?” You asked, a bit concerned.

The Doctor eyed you for a moment and then went to flipping and pushing the many switches and buttons on the control panel.

“No human does what you do.” He pointed out. “But I’m glad you’re the exception, because we need to set up a reverse gravitational wormhole to transport a giant asteroid to a barren sector of space.”

“What?! How would I even know anything about that? That-that’s… theoretical!”

The Doctor lunged for a big lever, pushing it all the way forward. The Tardis shuddered and gave a low rumbling groan.


- - - - - - - - - - -

You stood on the surface of the moon in full astronaut garb. The earth hung in a cradle of stars so far away. You bounced a bit, testing out the diminished gravity. This was so awesome.

Turning back to the Doctor, you asked, “Are you sure this is going to work?”

The man turned away from the probes he was fixing into the moon’s surface. “Ehh… In theory.” He said with a shrug and went back to sonicing the probe.

You and the Doctor had put your brains together to create a sort of net around the earth using the Tardis and the moon as focal points. The time energy supplied by the Tardis should coordinate with the probes made of metamaterial to create electromagnetic wave propagation. Y’know. Just a usual day at the office.  

Once everything was affixed, the Doctor motioned for you to come back inside the Tardis.

You gave the moon’s surface a few more experimental bounces and reluctantly followed the doctor into the blue box.

He swiped at the controls and guided the Tardis so that the earth was in-between the moon and the Tardis.

“Now I’m going to leak time energy and connect the Tardis’ signal to the probe’s signal on the moon.” His hand rested over a green button, and before pushing it, he looked at you apprehensively. “Something might explode.”

Before you could respond, he pushed the button and the Tardis lit up a golden color. Streaks of energy swirled around the front of the earth, forming what you knew to be a wormhole.

You and the Doctor looked out the Tardis’ door, observing the fantastic light show.

“We really did it. And it’s not sucking anything in. It really is reverse gravitational. Or perhaps it ought to be called converse gravitational.” You looked on in wonder.

"Well, you’re the genius. You tell me.”

You looked to the Doctor. Instead of looking at the developing wormhole, he stared at you with soft eyes and a wide smile. It was the sort of smile that made you smile back.

“Now all we have to do is wait for the asteroid and then I’ll cut off the time energy, collect the probes, and you can be on your way.”

Your face fell. How would you go back to your life after this? Yes, teaching was what you were made for, but this changed everything. There was so much the Doctor could tell you. There were whole planets thriving with sentient alien life.

You felt a knot form in your throat at the thought. “How long till then?”

“Oh,” He checked the clock in the Tardis. “We’ve got a couple hours yet.”

“A couple hours? Why did we fix everything up so soon?”

“_______, we are far cleverer together than I could have imagined.  I thought it would take us much longer to come up with a plan than it did.” He looked at you excitedly. “In fact, there’s something I wanted to ask you. Every so often I pick up a companion to travel with me, and I was wondering… Well, I was hoping… Would you-“

Suddenly, the Tardis began to creak and howl like a wounded animal. The doctor raised his eyebrows and shut the doors.

“Oh. It sounds like she’s got a problem. Maybe I’m leaking too much time energy.” He turned to you. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” He said as he disappeared down one of the Tardis corridors.

“Alright, I’ll just… stay here.” You said lamely. Great. You’d just met the most extraordinary man in the universe, and you were going to spend the little time that you had left with him alone.  

The Tardis whirred in what almost sounded like frustration. You felt strangely sympathetic to the machine. You placed a hand on the inner wall.

“It’ll be all right.”  You whispered. Whether you were talking to yourself or the Tardis, you weren’t sure.

You opened up the Tardis doors and sat in the doorway, swinging your legs over the side.
The worm hole burned in space, waiting to gobble up the asteroid hurtling towards earth.

So this was what is felt like to save the world. You kicked your legs in the open space and smiled to yourself. It really was wonderful. Everything that ever seemed impossible must surely exist in such a large, wonderful universe.

The doctor had been gone a while, and you searched your pockets for something to do. Maybe you had a mint or some chewing gum with you.

You felt something small and cool against your finger tips. You drew it out of your pocket and laughed to yourself at your discovery.

It was the little silver pocket watch, the one you’d had ever since you could remember. You didn’t know where you’d got it. After all, who carries pocket watches anymore? You must’ve slipped it into your pocket while you were preparing to leave your office. It seemed to follow you everywhere.

It looked very quaint and out of place among all of the alien technology that the Tardis had to offer. You traced the intricate interlocking circles on the cover. What a pity it was broken. It didn’t tick. Never had.

“What’s that?” Came a low voice from behind you.

You turned and saw the Doctor. His eyes were fixed on the pocket watch like it might have held the secrets to the universe, but he already had those.

“Nothing really. Just an old watch.”

He crouched down next to you and gripped your shoulder, turning you to look at him. “I need you to listen very carefully. Where did you get that watch?” His voice was intense.

“I don’t know. I’ve had it since… Well, I’m sure I can’t remember. It’s strange. Sometimes I don’t even know it’s there.”

The Doctor put on his glasses and looked at the watch carefully. “May I see it?” He asked, looking to you for permission.

You shrugged. “Sure.” You said, handing it to him.

He took the watch as if it were made of woven glass and held it delicately in the palm of his hand. You turned your face back to the stars and once more forgot about it.

“Open it.”

You turned back to the Doctor who held the watch out to you.

You laughed slightly. “Are you still on that again? It’s just a broken watch.”

He pressed it into your hand. “Please.” He asked, begged. “Please open it.”

You opened your hand and looked at the little silver pocket watch resting in your palm.
It was broken. It didn’t matter.  At that moment, opening the little watch was the most impossible thing in the universe.

You’d tried everything to learn more about the stars and all you were left with was this yearning, this desire for more, more knowledge, more freedom, more… hope.

That was what was in the Doctors eyes as he looked into yours. He had so much hope you were drowning in it. So much hope that you could open the broken watch.

You looked at the man sadly. “I’m sorry, Doctor. It’s impossible. It doesn’t even tick. It’s impossi-“

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw something else impossible. You turned your head to watch an asteroid twice the size of earth hurtling towards your planet. Just before it reached the blue and green world, the asteroid sank into the wormhole and vanished from sight.

You sat, transfixed, and momentarily forgot about everything impossible. If you could team up with an alien who traveled space and time in a blue police box in order to engineer a reverse gravitational wormhole to transport a world destroying asteroid away from your planet then… then why…

Then why couldn’t you open the little silver pocket watch?

You looked at the watch and carefully pressed your thumb to the fob. The old, broken watch sprang open like magic.

And then the memories came.

Timelady…Gallifrey…Timewar…earth…death of a Tardis…become human…pocket watch…human…stars…Doctor…Doctor…DOCTOR

You gasped, feeling the stars fill your eyes and your mind and your heart. The Doctor held you in his arms. You were shaking.

He pressed his face to your hair. “It’s alright. It’s okay you brilliant, impossible creature.”

“I saw Gallifrey burn, and I thought… I thought I was alone.” You bit back a sob and clung to the Doctor.

“You’re not alone. I’m here.”

“I hated you.”

The Doctor pulled away from you and looked at you with a shocked, hopeless expression. He had finally found another Timelord and they-

You continued before he could reply. “I know it was you who burned Gallifrey and the Daleks with it. I remember you, Doctor. They’re all gone.”

The Doctor looked at you, finally having somebody to apologize to other than himself.

“I’m sorry.” But it didn’t mean anything. An entire civilization, an entire species of people were gone because of him. But what could he do but apologize?

You knew he had not done it for selfish reasons. The Daleks would have never stopped. They would have burned through time and space. The price of destroying them had been high, his home planet for the universe. You could not blame the Doctor.

You wrapped your arms back around the Doctor and pulled him close. “I forgive you.”

The Doctor forgot how to breathe. He felt a tear drip down his face. It fell from one eye and rolled down his cheek, disappearing in your hair.

“Who are you?” He asked. Who was this angel, this redeemer? Which Timelady were you?

“I’m the Teacher.”
10th!DoctorXReader The Teacher
*to twinkle in their lofty spheres is from Shakespeare

So enjoy lovelies!
“I’m a good emperor, right, aru?”

You and Wang Yao trotted through the woods on the back of an imperial steed, fleeing a rebellion. The entire time, Yao hung his head dejectedly and tried to imagine what could have prompted his guards to do such a thing.

“Really, emperor? I can’t deal with this until we get to a place where people don’t want to kill you.”

“Then wouldn’t it be faster to take the main road?”

You gave him a flat look. “Oh, because that wouldn’t draw attention. We’d be either killed or robbed before you could say ‘aru’.”

“I’m just trying to be helpful, little zei.” The emperor said, looking quite miffed. “Where are we going anyway, aru?”

You sighed and pulled the stubborn horse around a fallen tree. “I have a friend nearby who will help us. He’s not too fond of the royal family, though, so let me do the talking. At the very least, he’ll give you some clothes that don’t make you look like a peacock in a ball gown.”

“But these are my hunting robes, aru! I’ll blend right in.” He argued.

“Yao, just… No. You won’t.” You looked over your shoulder at the fine silks and elegant cut of his robe. “Trust me.”

- - - - - - - - -

It was reaching nightfall, and you knew that Yao needed rest and a meal.

You found a small, secluded area, mostly surrounded by draping bushes. You dismounted and helped a very sleepy emperor down. After tethering the horse to a low tree branch, you started to empty out the supply sacks. Most of the food was pretty smushed, but it would have to do.

You and Yao ate most of the fare, leaving some for the morning.

Yao looked at you through heavily lidded eyes. “Why are you still here, zei?”

You leaned back against the tree and looked at the Chinese man lying on the ground.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I mean, why are you helping me?”

Turning your face to the steadily rising moon, you smiled slightly and answered him. “You save my life, I save yours. That’s how it works, emperor.”

“You already did that. You could leave now, if you wanted.” His voice sounded small among the lulling sound of all the night time creatures.

“Honestly, you’re a really good emperor. This country doesn’t deserve the kind of rule that the usurpers want. You’re more worthy of the throne more than anyone else.” You shifted trying to get comfortable on the tree roots. “And you didn’t cut off my hands, which was pretty great of you.”

Yao nodded lazily. “But what about the war with the north?” He murmured. “I have to keep the kingdom safe.”

“Go to sleep, emperor.” You said, watching him try to stay awake. “I’ll keep watch.”

“Alright, aru… Wake me up when it’s my turn… to keep watch…” He finally drifted off, eyes shutting as he fell asleep.

You shook your head and gave a small smile. “Sure thing, emporer.” You whispered.

You took your coat off and draped it over Wang Yao’s shoulders. It would be a cold night, a preface to an even colder winter.

One that had only just begun.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Wang Yao woke with a start. He was terribly uncomfortable and didn’t know how he had come to be sleeping underneath a canopy of trees.

It was only when he looked to his right and saw you picking through the remains of the supplies did he remember.

He groaned and rubbed his eyes. “I thought it was a bad dream, aru.”

You looked over and saw the emperor whine and sit up. You handed him an apple. “It could be worse. We could be dead.”

“Yes, thank you. I feel better already.” He said sarcastically.

“My pleasure. Now pull yourself together. We’ve got a ways to go before we reach my friend.”

After nearly half a day’s ride, you and Yao ended up, very tired and very hungry, at the door to a large cabin. It took quite a bit of sneaking around through the underbrush as the house was only a few miles from a village.

On the entrance, a brass lion held a door knocker in its mouth, and its eyes glittered down at you and your traveling companion. You took the heavy knocker in your hand and pounded a twice on the wooden door. Yao was very out of his element in the rural area with his dirty robes, but he seemed to put on a regal air as he prepared to meet this stranger.

After a tense moment, the door creaked open to reveal…

“Kesesese~! Has little ________ come all zis way to see ze awesome me?”

Gilbert Beilshmidt. Why couldn’t Ludwig or Alaric have answered instead?

You sighed. “Gil, please let us in, we’re tired and hungry and-“

“Ja, ja, but first, the password.”

“No! That’s stupid.”

“I won’t let you in unless you say the password~” Gilbert sang.

You huffed. “Gilbert Beilshmidt is the most awesome person in the whole world.” You droned, glaring at the albino. “Happy?”

“Ja, now get in here. Ludwig has been dying to see you.” He said and wiggled his eyebrows.

You pinched the bridge of your nose. You’d been here not even five minutes and Gil was already giving you a headache.

“Look, we really need to speak with Alaric.”

“Who is we?” Gilbert said, cutting you off. “Why is he dressed all…” He gestured spastically to Yao’s fancy clothes and looked to you for an answer.

“Right, introductions.” You muttered and turned to Yao. “Yao, meet Gilbert Beilshmidt. Gil, meet Wang Yao, the emperor.”

Gil stared at the two of you blankly, but being the way he was, he neither bowed nor freaked out. He just started laughing.

“KESESESE! Seriously ______? The emperor?! Vhat did you do zis time?” He wiped his eyes and looked up at you. Seeing your flat, unamused expression only made him dissolve into another fit of laughter. “No vonder you didn’t visit for so long!” He cackled.

“It’s not funny, Gil.”

“It really is!” He snorted.

“Vhat isn’t funny?”

The three of you all looked to the door way where a newcomer stood.

“Ludwig!” You smiled.

Laughing, the blond man walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you in a bear hug, almost lifting you off the ground.

“Gah! You’re crushing me.” You complained halfheartedly.

Ludwig put you down and looked curiously to where Gilbert was relentlessly annoying Yao. “Um…”

“West! ______ brought ze emperor!” Gilbert shouted

Ludwig’s eyes widened and he looked to you for an explanation.

You groaned. “It’s a long story. I’ll explain everything to Alaric.”
ChinaXReader Little Thief Part 7
lol wow this again XD

Enjoy lovelies~

WARNING: general Supernatural spoilers


You disliked Bobby as soon as you met him. He was a bitter, rude, unpleasant old man who thought that you were nothing more than a complex nuisance and that if he ignored you long enough, you just might disappear.

The thought had crossed your mind, but you decided to stick it out for your own sake. He was like a hunter guru for the supernaturally aware community. So even if his first words to you were, “you got a weak handshake”, and even if those words were the nicest he had said to you so far, you would not let this grumpy old man drive you away.

You were going to learn to hunt ghosts and vampires and wendigos if it killed the both of you.

But alas, you ended up performing menial tasks such as supply runs, answering phones, tedious research, and digging. Yes, digging. Bobby had made you dig numerous deep holes along his property, although for what, you still weren’t sure.

But whenever you asked him why you did what you did, he grunted or rolled his eyes and scoffed. He didn’t trust you, but you couldn’t really blame him.

You hoped that before long, you’d learn something useful. It was obvious that he didn’t want you around, and you were somewhat surprised he’d taken you in at all. The only reason he agreed to train you was that Gabriel’s false hunter identity, Jimmy Demoux, had saved Bobby’s life on multiple occasions, meaning the old hunter owed your angel one seriously big favor.

However, Bobby was not averse to letting his opinion about your presence known. He had asked you early on, “Aren’t you a little old to need takin care of?”

You recognized his question as an ill-tempered comment that didn’t mean much of anything. While you were 23 going on 24, you both knew that in order for you to become a functioning hunter and to learn the ropes of the job, then you needed to be where the weird stuff was.

Also, it was good to know that you could sleep in an extensively warded house, no matter how dusty it was or how much it smelled like stale beer.

Currently, you and Bobby seemed to have reached a mutual indifference of the other, which was considerably better than the daily shouting matches you had left behind. You had come to the point that you did as he asked, fetching books and beers, and he didn’t call you ‘stupid girl’ every two sentences.

- - - - - - -

It was noon at the junkyard, and you sat in the driver’s seat of some old car you didn’t know the name of, munching on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Suffice it to say, it was a very calm, lazy moment which should not have been interrupted by the heavy hand that came down and thumped the hood of the car.

You jumped in surprise and choked on your mouthful of bread, before trying to wheeze air back into your lungs.

“You gotta be alert if you wanna be a hunter, girl.”

Oh, here we go again. He scares the shit out of you and then gives you a random life lesson that means absolutely nothing.

“I need you back in five. You got a lotta work to do cross referencing those werewolf maulings.” He said, walking away from the beat up car.

“Why should I.” You muttered to yourself. “It’s not like I’m ever going to go on an actual hunt anyway.”

Bobby stopped walking and turned to look at you, squinting in the sun. “What’d you say.” He asked, glaring.

Oh boy, he’d heard you.

You opened the car door and stood up, squaring your shoulders. Okay, here goes. “You haven’t taught me anything about hunting. I came here to learn, not make beer runs. I want to help people, and you just have me surfing the web for freaky deaths!”

The old hunter scoffed. “You wanna hunt? Okay, what do a werewolf and skinwalker have in common?”

“I-what?” You stammered, taken aback.

“What’s a wraith and a kitsune’s main food source?”

“I don’t-“

“Tell me about the social habits of a vampire.”

You stayed silent and glowered at him, realizing exactly what he was doing.

Bobby snorted and shook his head. “Don’t give me that look, girl. You wouldn’t last a day on a real hunt. Finish that sandwich and get back to work.” He walked back into the house and slammed the screen door behind him.

You winced at the angry sound. Alright, maybe that wasn’t the best way to approach that subject. You could only hope he wouldn’t be too difficult after that encounter.

“Bobby, w-wait, just… Damnit.” You followed him back into the house and let the screen door shut behind you with a quiet click.

In the living room, Bobby sat, scribbling notes in a thick journal with the same grumpy face he always wore.

“Hey, Bobby?” You asked quietly.

What?” He snapped back.

“I wanted to apologize.”

He looked up from his work and squinted at you as if trying to judge your sincerity.

“Fine. Now get back to work.” He started back up scratching his pen across the sheets of paper.

You lingered in the doorway. “I think I’m anxious to start hunting because-“

“Let me guess.” Bobby interrupted. “A vampire ate your momma and now you want revenge?” He asked mockingly.

Ouch. He must be really mad.

“No. Well, my mom is dead, but it was a demon. It possessed my boyfriend. I had to stab him before somebody… saved me.” You said, leaving out the part about the heavenly light. “And I don’t particularly want revenge. I just want to stop that from happening to anyone else.”

Bobby sighed and put down his pen. “This life is crap. You know that, right?”

“Yeah, I tried the whole ‘normal’ thing. It didn’t work out so well.”

“Then I get it, but you gotta know how to fix something before you break it. That means the basics come first, killin comes later.”

You nodded. “Thanks for understanding. I’ll just go find the info on that werewolf pack.” You said, scurrying away to do what was extremely boring work, but you realized it was all necessary to become a hunter.

- - - - - - -  

The next day, you sat outside in the same beat up car, eating yet another peanut butter and jelly sandwich (Bobby’s fridge wasn’t much by way of real food).

A hand smacked the window, once more making you jump. Bobby looked at you with raised eyebrows.

“Alert.” You grumbled. “I got it.”

Bobby just rolled his eyes. “That’s not what I’m here for. You know anythin about cars?”

You swallowed the rest of your sandwich. “Not much. Just how to change a tire and change the oil. My mom taught me.”

“Your momma taught you about cars?” He asked skeptically.

“Well, yeah. I mean, my dad… He wasn’t…” You trailed off.

“Speak up, girl. You got somethin to say, say it.”

You shrugged. “He just wasn’t around. Look, it doesn’t matter.” You said, dusting the crumbs off your lap and exiting the car. “Why are you asking me about cars?”

The old hunter gestured to the vehicle you’d just been sitting in. “Why d’you come to this one every day?”

“I don’t know. I guess I like it.” You said, looking at the faded red paint and the choppy lines of the classic model. You didn’t know what kind of car it was, just that it was old. It had character.

“She’s yours, then.” Bobby said.

You glanced from Bobby to the car that looked like it’d been totaled in the 70s and back to Bobby again.  

“But it’s not even… What am I missing?” You asked Bobby, knowing that he always had some plan or life lesson up his sleeve.

“I’m gonna help you fix ‘er up. By the time we’re done, that old girl is gonna be cherry and all yours.”

“But I don’t know a thing about fixing cars!” You exclaimed with dismay.

“If you’re out there huntin, then this car is gonna be your transportation, home, arsenal, and getaway. You ever had to hotwire a car or siphon gas to get from A to B?”

“What do you think?” You asked flatly, trying to imagine yourself siphoning gas at some truck stop.

“Don’t get smart with me, girl. You’re gonna learn that bein a hunter means understanding the technical parts of the job. Once you learn all about this car, then we can move onto somethin more interesting, like that sawed-off 12 gauge I seen you eyeing for the past three weeks.”

You looked at the car and realized how fond you’d become of it. You wondered what it would look like, all shiny and not missing both of its tail lights.

For the first time since you’d come to stay with Bobby, he was accepting you and actually agreeing to teach you what he knew about being a hunter. Maybe he wasn’t really half as mean as you thought he was.

You smiled and asked, “When do we start?”

- - - - - - - -  

You decided you didn’t like cars. At. All.

It was like a piece of impossibly difficult Ikea furniture, except you needed a degree in rocket science to build it.

“Stop bangin on it, girl. It ain’t your high school sweetheart!”

“You told me to solder this part right here and it’s just. not. soldering.”  

“Tighten the engine cap!”

“What does that even mean?!”

Yeah, it was a really, really fun day. A really fun, hot day of trying to reassemble a car that had been sitting in a junkyard for the better part of its life.

Finally Bobby called it a day, and you both collapsed into a couple of rusty lawn chairs, each with a glass of iced tea (although you saw Bobby put something extra into his.).

“Are we all done?” You asked, tired and sore from trying to learn everything there was to know about cars in a single day.

Bobby looked at you from underneath his baseball cap disbelievingly. “You’re kiddin, right?”


“You got a long ways to go, yet.”
SupernaturalXReader Loch Neph Monster Part 7

But srsly has anyone ever worked on a car before? It's hell infinitum.

So, this is just another not so long bit. In the next part, there'll probs be some Gabriel and some actual nephilim stuffstuff

So enjoy, lovelies.


Supernatural © Eric Kripke & Warner Brothers


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