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Iwas tagged by :iconladyclampton:

10 facts:

1) Pink is my favorite color
2) I've played the piano for 15 years.
3) I'm going to college for graphic design.
4) I love to love on obscure characters.
5) The use of the word "orbs" in fanfiction as a substitute for "eyes" always ticked me off (although I'm pretty sure I used it in some earlier pieces)
6) I've never been one to respect the tag rules.
7) But I might this time.
8) I have three older brothers.
9) I've never dated or had a boyfriend. :( (But that's okay)
10) McDonald's chocolate milkshakes are my ultimate weakness.

1. Do you think the Darkness will win in Season11 of Supernatural?
Eh, I don't think so. I'm sure the show is going to have more seasons after 11. It'll probably win in some capacity seeing as the writers love to torture our poor babus (sometimes literally). I really hope it's serious business. Like, nothing in supernatural is powerful or mysterious anymore. I WANT A BIG BOSS BATTLE.

2. What's your fandom?
I have so many fandoms and I just can't stop I just have so many feels pls

3. In that fandom, who would be your soulmate?
Supernatural: Samandriel
Doctor Who: Vincent Van Gogh
Merlin: Percival
Sherlock: Mycroft
Avengers: Galaga Guy
X-Men: Kurt
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Ben
Grim: Seargent Wu
Harry Potter: most likely some unnamed Hufflepuf
Hetalia: Germany
Psych: Buzz McNab
Star Trek: Bones
Teen Wolf: Isaac Lahey
Star Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi
Lord of the Rings: Thranduil (I mean, why not XD)
Castle: Kevin Ryan

(I know I missed a ton of fandoms but whatever)

4. Do you believe in soulmates?
Eh, I don't know.

5. If so have you found yours? If not why?
I'm not sure lol

6. How old are you?
I am a god, you dull creature.

7. What's your favorite food?
Probably chicken pot pie.

8. Are you happy?
That's a rather complex question that really can't have a singular answer.

9. What's your idea of Paradise?
Jesus, family and friends, art, FANDOM MERCHANDISE, pink

10. If you had three wishes, but could not use them on yourself, what would you wish for?
World peace, infinite wisdom, humans become able to fly (I think I've covered my bases right there)

My questions:

1) Werewolves of vampires?
2) What's your birthstone?
3) How do you feel about the unlikely union of eels and hovercrafts?
4) Tardis blue or Impala black?
5) Does it ever upset you when someone says that something has cheetah print, but it's really leopard print? Or when somebody says something is leopard print, but it's really jaguar print? I mean, c'mon.
6) Y'all tell me about your dream man, a'ight, honey?
7) We've all gotten that one Christmas or birthday gift that made you want to hurl feces at the person who gave it to you. What's yours?
8) What is your reason for being on DA?
9) Who here wants to be a writer? Why or why not?
10) Tell me your worst joke.

Alright guys, I'm really looking forward to those jokes.

I suppose I'll tag...

:icondemonic-bamboo-panda: (what a name!)

(ALright, that's all I'm tagging)

Legit though, don't even feel pressured to do this, totally ignore me if you want
So I just moved into my dorm last Thursday/Friday for University life. Woo! I have a cute little room and wonderful roommate who's just as into fandoms as I am.

However, this is a huge adjustment for me as I do happen to be extremely introverted and not altogether independent, but everything is going rather smoothly. It seems I'll likely have a few weeks before the homesickness starts to hit me.

That being said, I hope you'll forgive me if I drop off the map for a little while regarding posts. I will try to write and update when I can, but I'm not sure how it'll go.

As always, you are all lovely, thank you for reading!

And I'm probably getting ahead of myself here seeing as I have about three stories I would need to finish first, but how would you all feel about a Peter ParkerXReader College AU? Just a thought. :)
Your assignments at Shield were varied and complex due to your specific skill set and limitations. Despite being part of the Avengers, you still had your duties and individual missions much like Natasha and Clint.

Fury sent a car for you early Saturday morning to brief you on a new operation that required your abilities. It took you to an undisclosed meeting room in a random office building of New York City.

“Agent __(l/n)__, I’d like to introduce you to Agent Hyde.”

You reached out your hand and felt another grasp your own, giving it a firm shake.  The brief contact offered you a glimpse into his psyche. He was intrigued.

“I look forward to working with you. Your skills are fascinating.” He said smoothly.

“Yes, I hope I can be of assistance. Fury mentioned I was a last minute addition to your force.” You said as Fury led you to sit in an office chair.

Hyde smiled a bit sheepishly. “My fault, I’m afraid. I’d heard of your abilities, and I immediately knew that you were what we were missing. Luckily, Director Fury gave me the go-ahead to request your presence.”

Leather squeaked as Fury rose from his seat. “I’ll leave you two to discuss logistics. Agent __(l/n)__, there’s an agent standing by to take you back to Stark Tower when you’ve finished.”

You nodded to Fury as he made his way out of the building. Hyde took a seat next to your own and began reading off the mission file.

“The fall of Shield has caused a Hydra scientist to come out of hiding. Doctor Falcsh. She specializes in bioengineering of a very illegal variety.”

“And what will my job be?”

“You, Agent, will pose as an investor interested in stem cell genetics. Stem cells are one of the main focal points of Falsch’s research. Your blindness would help convince her of your legitimacy as an investor, as many interested in stem cell research have personal interests such as regaining the use of a paralyzed limb, or in your case, your eyes.” Hyde said.

“Sounds like a solid cover. I assume you’ve drawn up all the necessary paperwork?”

The Shield agent nodded. “From permits to medical records. You’ll be going in with Agent Verrat. He’ll act as your assistant and lead the take down of Doctor Falcsh once you’ve sedated her with your abilities.”

You tapped your fingers on the table top, considering the information and reading Hyde’s emotions as best you could. He seemed calm, amiable even. “I’ll need to meet Verrat and read him beforehand. It helps alleviate mission complications.”

“Of course, I’ll see what I can do. The mission is scheduled for two days from now at 1600 hours. An agent will be sent to retrieve you from the tower at 1400 hours for mission prep. I look forward to working with you, __(l/n)__. You have interesting abilities that I’d like to see in action.”

“I guess you will.”

- - - - - - - - - - -

Clint raised a brow. “Two days from now? That’s short notice.”

You pursed your lips and nodded. “I thought so too. It’s probably just because Shield is undermanned at the moment, and having a psychic along on a mission really does seem to make things run more smoothly. Besides, Fury seemed to think it was legit, and I didn’t get any suspicious vibes off of him.”

The archer contemplated the information you’d given him. “I can have Tony take a peek into the Shield database for Verrat and Hyde.”

“That’s alright. I don’t want Tony involved. Plus, Fury will skin me if he finds out I’ve been spreading around confidential info on a mission still in progress.”

Clint gave a small laugh. “Yeah, I guess the Avengers sometimes forget that the rules still apply to them.”

“Barely.” You agreed with a chuckle. “But something still doesn’t feel right about the mission. It’s probably nothing, but let Natasha and Steve know to be alert for any distress signals I may send out, in case trusting these agents blows up in my face. I have the strongest connection with you three. Well, other than Loki, but I’m pretty sure he’s not ready for a field op.”

“Yeah, how’s that going, by the way?” Clint asked casually, trying to slip the question past you.

“Clint.” You admonished jokingly.

He raised his hands in a placating gesture. “Hey, I told you a lot about Laura and I. I’m just curious how you’re dealing.”

You smiled to yourself at the thought Loki.

“Hey, hey, I know that look!” The archer teased. “You really like him, don’t you?”

“He is my soulmate. Although I’m sorry for you that he has to be here. I don’t blame you if you hate him.” You ended in a whisper.

Clint’s grin morphed into a sort of sad, half-smile. “I don’t hate him. I sure as hell don’t like him, either, but if I hated Loki, I’d have to hate everyone else I know who’d ever lied or killed. I’d have to hate Natasha and a whole lot of other reformed agents. Maybe with you around, he’ll change.”

“Do you really mean that?” You had to ask. You could feel his sincerity, but his acceptance and forgiveness seemed impossible to you.

“Sure do. Don’t worry about me, kid. I’m happy for you.” He said, patting your shoulder.

“Thanks. Speaking of, I should go check on him. I didn’t tell him I was leaving this morning.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - -  

You tapped your foot in the elevator, willing it to move faster. You were anxious to see him. You could feel Loki’s upset at being away from you, and you sent him a mental message.

Stay calm. I’m on my way. I missed you.

Excitement rushed through your connection, almost drowning out his response. Please hurry.

The doors opened on your floor where Loki was. You’d both fallen asleep on your couch, talking to one another.

“________.” The prince breathed out in relief. He walked up to you and took your hands in his before brushing his lips across the knuckles. Then, leaning down, Loki pressed a slow, calming kiss to your lips.

As he pulled away, you felt his adoration and could only imagine the expression on his face. You found yourself breathing heavy and your heart beating fast. Was he going to make you feel like this every time he touched you?

“What was that for?” You asked breathlessly.

Loki smirked at your dumbstruck expression. “Do I need a reason?”

“Certainly not.” You laughed before pulling him back down to kiss him sweetly, but your lips landed on his nose.

You huffed in frustration. “That is not what I was aiming for.”

Loki laughed and returned the favor by kissing your nose. “No matter. I have quite enjoyed all of your kisses.

“Even so…” You muttered and pulled his face back down to your level. You searched with your fingers until you found his lips, curved into an amused smile. “There we are.” You said and gently pressed your mouth to his.

Loki hummed in appreciation before breaking the kiss and leading you to the kitchen. “Come, my love. I would like to try some of these waffles that you so highly praised last night.”

“You want to cook with me?” You asked, brows raised in disbelief.

“I wish to experience everything with you.”
LokiXReader Soulmate AU Part 3
Why is this still going whyy
Loki held your hands in his own like he was afraid you might disappear. In your presence, he abandoned his pretense of disinterest and detachment, choosing, instead, to try and learn everything he could about you. He ignored the other Avengers and spoke in whispers that promised of a love that would endure for ages to come.

The others were not so taken in.

“He could be faking it.” Steve said, voicing what was on everyone’s minds. Loki was, after all, the God of Mischief. Unfortunately, faking a soulmate connection wasn’t unheard of.

Bruce looked at the two of you a bit uncertainly. “I could run some tests, check their compatibility.”

“He isn’t lying. I can sense his emotions, and he had a typical reaction to someone finding their soulmate. He’s legit.” You pulled your hands free from his so that you could play with his slender fingers and map out the veins on the back of his hand.

A sound you recognized as Tony’s ringtone interrupted the moment. He raised the phone to his ear. “This had better be an apology for dropping a super-villain on my doorstep.”

He listened to the reply before his face changed to a surprised expression. “How do you even-?” He sent a meaningful look to Clint. “Was it you? Did you tell him?”

Clint shrugged. “He was going to find out about them eventually.”

Tony rolled his eyes and walked over to you. “Here, it’s for you.”

You raised your hand, searching for the phone, and Tony pressed it into your palm.

“This is Agent __(l/n)__.”

“Agent.” Director Fury’s voice sounded through the receiver. “I wanted to congratulate you.”

“Thank you, sir.” You said with a grin. You’d known Fury for quite a long time since joining Shield and had been half-expecting a call from him at some point.

“Of course, we can agree that this changes things.” He said in his standard, no-nonsense tone.

“I’m assuming you have something in mind?”

“I want you to be the main influence that helps Loki acclimate to his place on earth. You’d be working with Thor and Captain Rogers as his official handler.”

You sighed, exasperated. “Handler? C’mon, he's my soulmate. Doesn’t that seem a little inappropriate?”

“Good luck, Agent.”

The line went silent. “Director? Director Fury?.. Great.”

You raised your hand to let Tony take back his cell phone. “He officially made me one of Loki’s handlers.”

You heard somebody nearby snicker. “I can hear you, Tony.”

A hand brushed hair away from your ear. “Well, it sounds absolutely thrilling to me.” Loki purred lowly, his forehead touching your temple.

You bit your lip to stifle the giddy noise threatening to bubble from your throat as Loki nipped at your jaw line playfully.

“What are you- no. No, no, no, stop that immediately.” Steve groaned in frustration.

“Yeah!” You heard Tony exclaim. “You’re scarring the 90 year-old virgin right here. He’s not used to that sort of thing.”

Thor clapped Tony of the back and laughed, causing the billionaire to stumble forward. “I think this is glorious news!” He said loudly. “Finding Jane made me want to protect Midgard and its inhabitants.”

“I don’t need to protect all Midgardians. Just one.” Loki wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you even closer. “By all the realms, you’re perfect. I could look upon your beauty forever.”

You giggled, and Loki grinned, absolutely delighted with the tiny noise. Your psychic connection with him was stronger than any you’d ever had. You could sense his happiness and excitement, the pure elation with which he observed you.

Thor laughed again at his brother’s antics, and you felt Loki’s annoyance though your link. “Is there somewhere quiet we might speak?” He asked softly.

You nodded. “I was thinking the same thing. Let’s go to my floor.”

Loki rose from his seat and guided you up, wrapping one hand loosely around your waist.

“Don’t do anything Steve wouldn’t do.” You heard Tony shout after you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

You sat on your sofa with your back against Loki’s chest. “Would it be too much to ask,” you said hesitantly, “for you to tell me everything?”

“As long as you do the same.” He replied, nuzzling your neck.

A relieved sigh left your lips as they settled into a smile. “I can do that. So, should we just cover the basics, or…”

“If that is what you desire, my goddess.”

“Goddess?!” You choked in surprise.

“Of course. Is there anything specific you wish to discuss?” Loki asked. He tilted his head so he could observe your resting form. So beautiful.

“Well, how is it that an Asgardian is the soulmate of a human?” You asked. The question had been eating at you for some time. It seemed like that should be impossible.

“It happens, but it’s very rare. Usually, soulmates are from the same realm.”

“So you and Thor just both happen to have human soulmates.” You asked.

“It would seem so. I’m actually not Asgardian, though, so that may explain it.” He admitted this a bit reluctantly. You felt his fear.

Squeezing his hand in reassurance, you asked. “What are you, then?”  

Loki pulled away from you until you weren’t touching. He took a deep breath to steady his voice before finally speaking.

“I’m a Jotun.”

You sat for a moment, confused, and waited for him to explain himself further.

You felt Loki stand up from the couch and begin pacing in front of you. “Say something!”

“Oh, er… What’s a Jotun?”

Loki stopped dead in surprise. “You don’t know what a Jotun is?”

“Uh, yeah, I wasn’t born on an alien planet, so, no. I don’t.”

“A Jotun is a Frost Giant, a horrible beast Asgardian parents tell their children stories about to make them behave.” He said, still sounding somewhat bewildered at your confusion.

You raised your eyebrows. “Frost Giant? I mean, yeah, you’re tall, but giant? No.”

“This is very serious.” Loki insisted sternly. “I am a terrifying monster.”

“What? No you’re not. I touched your face and everything earlier, and you seemed totally normal. Very handsome, actually.”

“Observe my other form, then!” He growled.

A chill drifted through the room as Loki strode towards where you were seated on the couch. He knelt in front of you and guided your hands to his face. He felt cold to the touch, but the only real difference you could find were some raised markings on his forehead, cheeks, and chin.

“You feel pretty normal.” You said, uncertain of what you were meant to be looking for.

“I’m not. My skin is blue.” He said, trying to convince you of his beastly appearance.

“That’s awesome.”

“No it isn’t!” He snapped.

“My soulmate is a blue alien space-prince. What about that isn’t awesome?”

Loki sighed in defeat as you happily continued to trace the marks on his face. “You are insane. I’m a menace to the nine realms.”

“Oh please.” You snorted. “You’re not fooling anyone. I don’t care if you’re the abominable snowman from the North Pole. You are my soulmate, and I’m going to be by your side for as long as you’ll have me.”

The prince’s emotions hit you like a speeding semi-truck. You felt his joy and relief and love for you. The sensation made your head spin and eyes water. You leaned down and softly pressed you lips to each of the marks on his face before sealing your lips to his in a gentle kiss. Loki leaned into you as you pulled away. He finally felt true peace.

He cupped your face in his hands and looked on you in wonder. “How did I end up with a soulmate so inconceivably wonderful?”

“Just lucky, I guess.”
LokiXReader Soulmate AU Part 2
I still have no clue why this is a thing
You had been working with the Avengers for three years. Shield found you at a young age and decided to make use of your abilities. You knew that they were using you, same as they used other extraordinary people for their skills and intellect, but you didn’t really mind. After all, what place did a blind psychic have in regular society?

The doctors of Shield called you a biological marvel. You came from a long line of genetic irregularities and were born with mutations of the peripheral and central nervous system. All of this resulted in an ability to influence others on a psychic level.

Of course, your blindness presented an obvious problem. Without your sight, you had no way to know when you’d found your soulmate. It’s not that people’s lives revolved solely on finding their soulmate, but it was incredibly important. Everybody knew that finding the person they were meant to be with would complete them. You’d heard numerous accounts, some from the Avengers themselves, about what it was like to encounter your soulmate.

First, the two people made contact somehow. Maybe they shook hands at a business meeting or bumped shoulders at a crowded music festival. After that first contact, the whole world turned into a paint–by-numbers activity book. Grey scale gave way to a myriad of colors, bleeding into everyday objects, making them extraordinary.

However, that wasn’t the most fantastic part. The person you got to spend the rest of your life with would be perfectly suited to you. One could live with the knowledge that they would never be alone again. They would have someone to hold, trust, protect.

You, on the other hand, knew that you would never see colors of any sort, but there was the hope that your soulmate would be smart enough to alert you of a new development such as suddenly being able to see the world in color.

- - - - - - - - -

Quiet days were something you enjoyed. You sat on the main floor of the Stark tower and brushed your fingers across the thick pages of your book. Turns out Jules Verne was just as magical in Braille as in text.

Steve entered the room. What alerted you to his identity was the way he walked. Everyone carried themselves differently. His steps were steady, focused, and with enough force behind them to indicate his impressive stature.

The soldier seated himself next to you on the couch. “I’ll never get tired of how you do that.” He said, referring to the speed with which your fingers ran over the raised dots, taking in the information.

“I can sense emotions, telepathically communicate with others, and psychically influence people, but what you find interesting is my ability to read Braille?”

Steve chuckled and shook his head. “Hey, I’m a super soldier who’s survived an alien invasion and met two mythological gods who both have magical powers. Trust me. By this point, it’s the little things that amaze me.”

You grinned and leaned on the super soldier. “Point taken. Where’s the rest of the gang?”

“That’s actually something I needed to talk to you about. They’re on their way up, but they’re bringing someone with them.”

“Oh?” You asked lightly. Steve seemed unhappy and agitated.

The man ran a hand through his hair. “Yeah. He’s a new team member, and I mean that loosely. More of a prisoner, really.”

“Does this person have a name?” You questioned with raised eyebrows.

Steve sighed and gave you a sideways glance. “It’s Loki.” He grumbled.

“Ah…” That explained the tense atmosphere of the tower’s inhabitants as of late. You weren’t involved in the Chitauri invasion, but you’d been briefed on the events (somewhat dramatically by Tony), and had met Thor on multiple occasions.

You patted Steve’s shoulder. “Should I be worried?”

“No, I just want you to be careful.”

“Of course, Steve.” You said, turning your face to the soldier. Ever since you’d arrived at Stark Tower, the Captain had taken it upon himself to look after you. He claimed that he’d always wanted a younger sibling, but you figured it was just in his nature to protect others. You appreciated his help, even though you were more than capable of taking care of yourself.

“I’m serious, _______.”

“Me too. I’ve never been anything but careful since Captain Safety started looking after me.” You said with a snort.

“Shut up.”

- - - - - - - - - - -

“The humans are just as pathetic as I remember.”

Thor clenched his jaw but refused to reply to his brother’s comment.

“And what is this infernal device encasing us? An elevator?”

Just ignore him for a little while longer.

“Look at you, brother. Riding in their human contraptions, obeying their orders. Tell me, have you been house-broken yet?”

The elevator doors opened with a soft tone. Loki lifted his chin and stepped out of the ‘human contraption’ as regally as possible, but Thor stuck one boot in front of his brother, catching him by the ankle. Loki stumbled a few paces, righted himself, and shot a venomous look in Thor’s direction before continuing on.

The Thunder-God followed after his brother, laughing to himself. At the very least, this meeting would be interesting.

Loki entered the Avenger’s common room, stopping near the doorway. He observed its occupants, recognizing faces among the heroes he’d tried to destroy. The idea was for Loki and the Avengers to be properly acquainted in a non-violent capacity, but going by the looks he was getting, that was going to be quite a challenge.

Steve stood from his position by your side and approached the two gods.


“Captain.” He replied.

The two men regarded one another tensely before Steve did something unexpected. He extended a hand to the god.

Loki’s eyes widened a fraction in surprise before he returned to his previous smirk. “What’s this?”

“A peace offering. Looks like we’re going to be spending some time together.” Steve said with a tight smile.

Loki scoffed and opened his mouth to make some other smart comment but was silenced as Thor warned him in a low voice. “Loki.”

Loki rolled his eyes and reached out to shake the Captain’s hand before looking back to his brother. “Happy now?”

The raven haired god turned back in surprise to the sound of giggling. What mortal dared make merriment at his expense?

- - - - - - - - - -

You laughed quietly at the exchange between Steve and Loki.  You got the gist of their conversation. It seemed to be going smoother than Steve had expected, with the exemption of Loki’s ridiculous comments.

You heard light footsteps until the god came to stand in front of you.

“And who is this?” He asked, glaring down at you darkly

You smiled, completely unaware of his theatrics. “I’d introduce myself, but Tony is about to-“

“God of Reindeer!”

“Right on time.” You muttered to yourself.

Tony launched into a long spiel about house rules, the ban on magic, and the sanctity of his mini-bar, and he pushed a bundle of clothing into Loki’s arms.

“Also, as long as Fury forces me to house and feed your megalomaniacal ass, there will be no Asgardian armor. It scuffs the leather couches.” He finished, glaring at Thor.

“Right, then.” Tony continued. “You are all free to go. I think we’ve satisfied one-eye’s expectation of a welcoming committee. Steve, I guess that means you won’t miss your time slot for preaching patriotism and justice. And Bruce, I’ll see you in the lab.”

The Avengers dispersed, leaving a bewildered Loki while you picked up 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea where you’d left off. The only people remaining were you, Steve, Thor, and Loki.

“_________.” Steve called your name.

“Yes?” You said, shutting your book once more.

“I wanted you to get a read on Loki. I’d be less worried about you if you’re able to defend yourself.”

You stood up and approached the men. Part of your power was being able to influence people with your mind. In order to do this, you had to formulate some sort of connection. This could be done in various ways, through extensive conversation, prolonged proximity, or an emotional bond. But the quickest, easiest way was ‘seeing’ them. This involved mapping out their face with your hands.

You stood in front of the god and raised your hands, palms facing outwards.

Loki took a step back, unsure of your intentions. “Do not touch me, Midgardian.” He snapped waspishly.

You took your hands away before explaining yourself. “Relax. If we’re going to be teammates, I need to read you. It helps with mentally transmitting distress signals and keeping myself safe.”

“What is this sorcery?”

“Not sorcery. I’m a psychic.” You said with a grin. “And blind, so this is kinda my version of a handshake.”

Loki glared down at you suspiciously, but seemed to relax slightly. “They let a cripple join earth’s mightiest heroes?”

Steve stepped forward to do something probably not in Loki’s best interest, but you raised a hand to stop him before turning back to Loki. “They let you join, didn’t they? Now hold still and let me do my thing.” You quipped, silencing the god.

He regarded you silently, taken aback. “Fine, read me then.” He said with a long-suffering sigh.

“Hold it together, drama queen.” You muttered and raised your hands to his face.

Loki had to stoop slightly in order for you to comfortably reach his face. You started at his high forehead, skimming his temples with the pads of your fingers. You slid your palms over his cheekbones which felt sharply pronounced under your skin. His eyes fluttered shut under your searching fingers as they traced his eyelids before trailing down the bridge of his sharp nose.

The god had all but stopped breathing. He looked into your focused eyes and thought he saw something. In the thousands of years he’d lived, he hadn’t found his soulmate. He had to listen to his brother go on and on after meeting  the human Jane Foster, but he figured that a Frostgiant labeled a criminal of war in two separate realms had little chance of finding the one person they were meant to be with. However, as you touched him, the world came to life. Your eyes were… well, he didn’t know what color they were. But they were something gorgeous. Perfect. Your skin turned rosy, you hair filled in a shining (h/c).

As your hands reached his jaw and your finger tips traced their final path over his gently parted lips, you heard Loki let out a shaky breath. You let your hands fall back by your sides.

“Well, I guess that’s it. We’re done here-“

You cut off with a squeak when you felt the god embrace you. At first, you panicked, thinking you were being attacked, but as Loki wrapped his arms around you and sighed into your hair, you realized what he was doing.

“Umm…” You stammered, patting his back awkwardly. “Yes. Okay. Why are you hugging me?”

Steve pulled Loki away from you forcefully while Thor looked on in surprise. You could feel Loki’s joy and anxiety through your new found link as well as Steve’s aggression and confusion.

Loki let Steve pull him away but kept his eyes on you. “You can’t see it can you? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to- I just…”

“Can’t see what? I can’t see anything. What do you mean- oh… Oh.” You said, realization dawning on you. Could he be the one? “Let him go, Steve.” You said gently.

The Captain reluctantly released Loki, and the god rushed forward to touch you. He ran a hand through your hair, grazing his knuckles across your cheek in gentle wonder.

“What is the meaning of this, Loki?” Thor asked, though by the tone of his voice, he understood the gravity of what was occurring.

Loki pressed his lips to your forehead. “I’ve found you. I’ve finally found you. My other half, my soulmate.”

You smiled and leaned into his touch, trusting.

Steve’s jaw dropped as he observed the two of you. He threw his hands up in defeat. “Fils de salope!”
LokiXReader Soulmate AU
You should know that I have absolutely no idea what this is, and I apologize.


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